Advantages of cloud ERP and how to choose the best one for your business

Most companies have already moved from manual and office-based processes to the convenience and speed of automation provided by management software. This digital transformation has been directed, above all, towards cloud computing, installing ERP in the cloud. Discover all the features and advantages of online ERP, usage tips and how to choose the best cloud ERP for your business.

What is cloud ERP? Boost your company's growth with the cloud

ERP software is the most widely implemented business solution, as it centrally manages the main areas of a company, its back-office: resources, processes, administration and finance.

This type of software is essential to improve decision making, optimize processes (production, accounting, supply, invoicing, etc.), improve resource planning and reduce costs.

They were usually associated with heavy and complex software packages, but cloud computing and cloud ERP have turned the concept of management software upside down. Online ERP is becoming more and more popular.

Features of cloud ERP

A cloud ERP allows its users to enjoy a robust and efficient management tool with total mobility and flexibility, consult data and manage a business through an Internet connection; that is why it is also called online ERP.

Unlike traditional on-premise systems, which are hosted on the company's own servers, in cloud ERP all the data is located on an external server, which is maintained and updated by the solution provider.

We can find all types of online ERP: invoicing programs, accounting systems, manufacturing ERP, etc.

How cloud ERP works

Cloud ERP can be adapted to any type of company (ERP for SMEs or ERP for freelancers are usually online ERP), have reasonable prices, are modular, with technical support included and with very visual and intuitive screen designs.

The online ERP is accessed by logging into the program via the Internet, and the customer only pays for what he uses the solution, without licenses, having all the features included in the solution but at a much lower price. This is known as the ERP SaaS model.

Therefore, to access the ERP in the cloud, the user only needs a device with a network connection, and can be located anywhere, inside or outside the company.

Mobility and accessibility are two of the great assets of cloud ERP, so important today in business management.

Flexibility and online mobility, main applications of ERP in the cloud

An ERP in the cloud, not being hosted on company computers, does not require large infrastructures, offers the same features as a traditional ERP but, in addition, with greater flexibility.

The online ERP is paid per use, so the solution is scalable and can be adapted to the needs of the company and business growth. It will only be necessary to contract a higher or lower plan of the ERP in the cloud that we use, which offers more modules or number of users.

Being able to access the ERP in the cloud from a simple cell phone, allows greater control of all operations. You can get real-time reports from any mobile device, check for unpaid invoices, update receivables in front of the supplier, check stock using a tablet in the warehouse, place orders from the shop floor, etc.

Advantages of using ERP software in the cloud

Accessibility and mobility. It allows you to streamline all processes and have 24/7 accessibility to your databases from anywhere. All your employees could be working from anywhere in the world without the need to be in a physical office, sharing the same data in real time. The ERP in the cloud integrates all departments and locations of your company no matter where they are located.

Save on infrastructure, licenses and maintenance. All your work is stored in the cloud, so you don't need to have powerful computers, and you only pay for what you use. They are more economical solutions and easy and quick installation. The ERP in the cloud is also maintained by the provider, as well as its update, which is done automatically, also offering online support.

Scalability and flexibility. Cloud ERP facilitates scalability to increase features or functionality as the company needs it. By simply adding more modules to the already integrated program, it is possible to adapt to new needs that arise over time without having to change software.

Increased data security. Software vendors are also responsible for the IT security of the online ERP system. They are more secure because they have network backups that are performed automatically and are adapted to legal regulations on taxation and data protection. In addition, access to certain areas of the program can be limited by means of login and password access.

Tips on how to get the most out of a cloud ERP system

Don't know how to take advantage of the benefits of an ERP program in the cloud? We offer you these keys to make the most of the functionalities of working in cloud computing.

Make decisions based on the information accumulated in your cloud ERP.

Do you know what budget you are going to invest in the purchase of stock for the next month? Do you consider that your company is well structured to achieve maximum profit? A good online ERP system provides you with real-time information grouped and accumulated over time. Since you will be able to visualize your data in a very graphic way and automatically have complete reports, take advantage of all the information and make thoughtful decisions based on it. This data can help you understand where your business is heading and what results you can achieve by making certain decisions. And all this without the need for large infrastructures, everything is stored on the network.

Use real-time cost control and forecasting.

Your ERP in the cloud has enough data so that you can get reliable results on the management and forecasting of budgets and expenses in real time, always updated thanks to the network. These forecasts can help you get an idea of how much it will cost you to hire an additional salesperson or what results you will get from buying more of certain products, and therefore, only invest in those things that are absolutely necessary and profitable for your company.

How to choose the best ERP in the cloud for your company

This last step is the easiest of all. Through the comparator that you will find on this page, SoftDoit will make your choice easier. In less than a minute and in a neutral and free way, we will advise you on the cloud ERP software that best suits the needs of your business and those sectors you want to optimize.

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