Steps to contract the right logistics services for your company

Finding the right logistics services for your company is an arduous and indispensable task for the performance of your supply chain. In this post we will show you a quick way to achieve it.

Currently there are still companies that do not invest enough in logistics services because they think they can handle this task. It is not a bad idea if you have a specialized area, fully trained personnel, adequate software and obviously the time to carry it out. In these cases you may need to hire only transportation and a warehouse, i.e. 1PL and 2PL operators.

In case you do not have a specific logistics area and you still want to dedicate yourself to this task, we are sorry to tell you that things will not go as you would like, at least most of the time. Why does this happen? Because a logistics operation needs 100% attention and you may have other responsibilities such as managing your company or sales work.

Hiring the right logistics operator for your company should be a time-consuming selection process. You must choose the one that suits your company's needs. Otherwise, it will not be of much use, since the objective of this search is to find the services that will help increase your company's profitability. To achieve this, it is essential that your logistics process has the best possible performance.

Fortunately, the selection process is now easier due to the Internet. You will only have to take the time to look for the company that best suits your needs, schedule an appointment and decide on one.

To make it easier for you to select logistics services, we have some tips to help you find the right logistics operator for your needs.

Steps to contracting the logistics services you need

1. Analyze what type of logistics services you need.

You can do this through a study of your supply chain. This will reveal what is going wrong in your logistics process or how you can improve it. Remember, the more complete the service you hire, the more benefits it will bring to your company.

To find out what types of logistics services you need, ask yourself: Do you need "door-to-door" importing? Do you need someone to handle regulatory management, product review and labeling? Do you need to handle high-value products? If so, you may want to look for 3PL services. If, in addition to this, you need help with back office, you should hire a 3PL Plus; or if you require a consultancy for the whole operation to help you make the best decisions, then you are looking for a 4PL service.

2. Search the internet

Every logistics operator has a website where you can find out about the services they offer. You can search with phrases like:
  • "Logistics operator in Mexico"
  • "Mexican logistics operator".
  • "The best logistics companies in Mexico"
  • "Integral logistics companies".
Study what each company offers you carefully and select the ones that convince you the most.

If you already have a clearer idea about the service you need, then it might be better to look for it specifically, for example:
  • "3PL logistics services"
  • "4PL logistics services"
  • "Import logistics services"
  • "Door to door logistics operation"
  • "International logistics service"
Or if you are looking for an expert distributor to have presence in the Mexican market: "HYLO logistics services".

We recommend you to select at least 3 logistics operators to consider.

3. Pay attention to their experience

The more experience they have, the better. Look for how long they have been in the market, as well as the commercial chains they work with. If they have a good relationship with the best commercial chains, this could greatly benefit the presence of your products.

The fact that they have an excellent relationship with the retailer tells you about the good work they do regarding the distribution and delivery of the products.

4. Make an appointment and visit their facilities

Now that you have selected the companies that convinced you the most and that have the logistics services you need, it is time to make an appointment. Plan an interview with each of the 3 companies you have chosen and talk to them about your needs. The best thing to do is to visit their facilities. This way, you will have a better understanding of how they carry out the entire logistics process.

If you have a logistics specialist or person in charge of logistics within your company, the best thing to do is to go with them to help you decide which is the best option.

When you visit their facilities, it is very important that you look at the details of how they carry out their processes, for example:
  • Receipt of merchandise
  • Product handling
  • Labeling, kitting, blistering, etc.
  • Warehouse in optimal conditions
  • Purchase order management
  • Software
  • Security infrastructure
5. Meeting your needs

In addition to providing you with door-to-door logistics services, which should fit your company's needs perfectly, a high-quality logistics operator can offer you more services. If you need it to take care of the back office as well, it should have a 3PL Plus service. Even a 4PL logistics operator should be fully in charge of the entire logistics process and should have the expertise to make real-time decisions to benefit the performance of your operation.

If you follow these steps, you will be able to choose the right logistics services, as well as the right company to carry them out. The results will speak for themselves; the errors in your process will decrease, the hidden costs of your operation will be eliminated and, therefore, the profitability of your company will increase.

If you need an assessment to know which service you need, CINLAT Logistics will provide you with a free assessment, where we will analyze your current operation. We will help you locate the flaws in your process, hidden costs, as well as every aspect that could be improved. Our goal is that your logistics operation is customized and reaches standards close to perfection.