Palo Alto Networks buys cloud security

Palo Alto Networks announced the acquisition of cloud security specialists known . For the security and compliance company Palo Alto paid around 300 million euros. is a provider of Public Cloud Infrastructure Security and plans to extend Palo Alto's API-based security capabilities. Users should get continuous monitoring, storage security compliance validation and reporting for the cloud.

"With Evident as part of our platform, Palo Alto Networks will be the only vendor to address the critical security needs of today's enterprise customers on their journey to the cloud with a holistic cloud offering."

More or less parallel, Palo Alto publishes the results of a study on cloud security. Only 13 percent of security experts said they were able to maintain consistent enterprise-level cybersecurity in their clouds, networks and endpoints. By contrast, 49 percent of the companies surveyed today use different, segmented approaches to cybersecurity. Therefore, only 19 percent believe that they can contribute to the security of cloud services to the extent necessary.

Greg Day, Vice President and Regional Chief Security Officer EMEA commented to Palo Alto: "The cloud is changing the way IT is consumed and will change the way cyber security is used. It enables companies to collect and evaluate a much more comprehensive security record. Businesses can do big data risk analysis and machine learning to stop threats faster. "

The acquisition of will probably also complement Palo Alto's Next-Generation Security Platform . This is a comprehensive cloud solution with which all threats in a company can be addressed automatically, as Thorsten Henning explains in an interview with "With machine learning and a comprehensive analysis of customers' log files that we store in the cloud, tools such as Manifier  and Wildfire can be used to detect   unknown threats." The provider also matches other patterns through the Cyber ​​Threat Alliance the experiences of other security providers.

These can then automatically react to these threats according to a set of rules determined by themselves or with the help of a partner. "We found in our research that automated safety responses were always better than those involving human interaction," says Senior Systems Engineering Manager, Central Europe.

In addition, Palo Alto offers according to Henning as the only security manufacturer an application framework, which is also open for the solutions of third-party suppliers. "For example, Splunk can offer a solution in our app store that uses the API of our solution," says Henning. The "App Store" is not only open to competing vendors, but Palo Alto also supports startups that provide solutions for the Application Framework. As a further unique feature Henning calls the fact that the solution is completely developed by the provider itself: "There is nothing bought and nothing OEM."