Hortonworks simplifies Big Data with new services

Hortonworks plans to simplify Big Data with new Hortonworks Operational Services. The company will deploy and manage the Big Data architecture and customer data, while customers can focus on their Data Driven applications.

By 2018, many companies are struggling to become data-driven by leveraging the data at their disposal to drive growth and guide their strategic decisions. The reason is that managing distributed systems based on Hadoop is a complex task, especially for companies that do not have qualified experts or resources to recruit them. To simplify access to Big Data, Hortonworks has just launched new services.

Hortonworks Operational Services aims to facilitate and accelerate the deployment and management of Big Data architectures and data analysis on-premise or in the cloud. This will allow companies to focus on Data Driven applications while Hortonworks will manage the data.

Hortonworks has extensive experience as an Apache Hadoop distributor and Big Data platform developer. The firm is able to manage the data of its customers efficiently and effectively.

Hortonworks Operational Services: Big Data Management as a Service

Users of these new services will benefit from a fully managed environment for the Hortonworks Data Platform , full management and maintenance of the Big Data architecture, and ongoing monitoring with weekly reports.

The services will also adapt to the data needs of the company. For greater flexibility, users will also benefit from interoperability with new clusters within their existing infrastructure. Finally, users will benefit from a support available 24/7. The Hortonworks Operational Services will be offered by subscription .