Earn money by selling your personal data

SRAX BIG is a platform based on the blockchain, to sell your personal data to advertisers against tokens that can be exchanged for real money. An opportunity to finally take advantage of the value your data has.

The personal data of the consumers are very coveted by the advertisers and the companies. It is a valuable resource for understanding consumer desires and habits in order to provide them with better targeted advertising and products that meet their expectations.

Paradoxically, while these data are directly generated by consumers, they do not benefit . The deal could soon change thanks to the BIG platform (Blockchain Identification Graph) developed by SRAX.

SRAX BIG: an application based on the blockchain

This platform based on the blockchain is offered as a mobile application and website . It combines Data Management data management features and a distribution system.

The user creates an account and then connects to his accounts on different social networks . The application collects data from these networks, and adds others such as geolocation data. The user can also add additional information to his profile.

SRAX teams then sell the data anonymously to companies and advertisers. The user can also give his consent to provide his data for special use cases such as specific campaigns.

SRAX BIG: exchange your tokens for real money

In return for their data, users receive BIG tokens, generated by the blockchain . These tokens can be traded for part of the revenue pool generated by data sales. The value of tokens fluctuates, like a stock market action, and the user chooses when he wants to exchange his tokens for real money.

For now, the platform has just been created and SRAX is not able to determine how much money users can make. The platform is currently being tested internally, and will be offered in closed beta in April 2018 .